Alexey Peshkovsky (Алексей Пешковский) is a singer-songwriter who combines Russian, Argentinean and North American styles in his original compositions and translations.

Tired of freedom

Tired of freedom

Lyrics and Melody
by Alexey Peshkovsky

My friend is tired of freedom.
He just wants to belong.
This time he’s really leaving.
He’s going back home.

Says, “I can’t plant my roots:
The ground here is skin deep.
And I cannot get used to
Just rolling in the wind.”

He’s tired of narrow spaces,
Emotions untrue,
Of plastic smiling faces,
Of all this “Red, White and Blue”.

His quest for independence
Drove him into a cage.
He says, he cannot take it,
He’s leaving today.

At home they know a stranger.
Their jealous eyes are tense.
So stick to your C major
And alcoholic friends.

He thought he did not need them,
He thought he could be strong,
But now he’s tired of freedom,
He just wants to belong.