Alexey Peshkovsky (Алексей Пешковский) is a singer-songwriter who combines Russian, Argentinean and North American styles in his original compositions and translations.

Life like a river

Life like a river

Lyrics and Melody
by Alexey Peshkovsky

Life like a river flows
Down to the waterfall.
Why am I holding on?
Why don’t I let it go?

Though I know I would never return,
Though I know there’d be no turning back,
I could wash off the slime in the falls,
And the leeches would fall off my neck.

So why am I holding on?
Paralyzed and embraced,
Why don’t I let it go?
River would do the rest.

But they whisper: “You’d never return,
You let go, and there’s no turning back,
You’ve got friends here, you’re never alone,
At least a dozen’s attached to your neck.

In this algae and grass is your home,
You have earned our love and respect,
You’ve been blessed by the sense of belonging,
With us, leaches that dwell on your neck…

Life like a river flows,
Down to the waterfall,
They can try holding on,
But I’m gonna let it go …